I sit here with eyes closed

remembering a dream

of a full, bright moon

shining on the darkened sea

as I sit, high on a hill

looking over a village below

where small yellow lights glow

from a million different windows

while above the stars twinkle

creating constellations that dance

along the blackened sky.

In this place, I stand alone

solitude and silence within

the deepest depths of my dream

as the scene drifts along lazily

in a fantasy of fairy tale castles

and small boats along the shore

seeking safe harbor for the night.

Why this dream on this night?

I open my eyes, taking it all in

the bright sun shining

the sounds of the world outside

the deep desire for peace

in the restlessness of my heart.

Why write this? I wonder,

what part of me is speaking

what words are seeking release?

I do only what I can

writing what I see and feel

hoping for revelation

in the twilight of life.