Thanksgiving 1963

Thanksgiving memories of that day

as we ran outside in the cold

playing a game of touch football

or going to see the big game

where our team always lost

but we didn’t care win or lose

we had friends and fun

and coming home cold and hungry

the house filled with the aromas

of freshly baked pies and turkey roasting

Macy’s still had their parade

and we watched as Santa made his way

filling us with hope and cheer

even in that dreary year

when our world changed before our eyes.

Thanksgiving at the Chateau

We’re going out

Ma, proclaimed

but it’s Thanksgiving

we all cried out,

now we’re going out

to the Chateau De Ville

so I don’t have to cook.

So off we went

all dressed up

Dad driving us down

to the route 9 destination

up on a hill looking regal

for a Thanksgiving feast

and a show

some bad comedian

I seem to recall

and a Sinatra wannabe

warbling old time tunes.

Ma, was happy

us not so much

there would be no leftovers

no homemade pies and such

but on that one Thanksgiving

Ma got what she needed most

some time away from being the one

responsible for our feast

and for that she was most thankful.