Autumnal Equinox

Summer lingers, holding out

as the Autumnal Equinox appears

like a spoiled child hanging on

summer refuses to give way.

Even as the leaves turn

from green to shades of red

even with the scent of decay

summers tentacles hold fast

refusing to acknowledge it’s death.

Like an old man, at the end of life

who clings tenaciously at the last

summer hangs on eyes wide open.

Yet, soon, it will yield to change

like we who live here must do

yielding to the seasons of life

as we live in the midst of death.

Summer’s End

It has been a long summer, 

coming now toward the end,

realizing that I haven’t rested.

Sitting in the soupy weather,

filled with doubt and dread.

All I want is to crawl away,

to seek the deep silence,

to enter into the vast mystery,

where love and passion join,

and I’m one with my lover.

Holding ourselves tightly,

against the forces of death.

To be away from the noise,

the smell of dank air, 

the cries of those chirping gulls,

who scavenge through the mess,

created by those whose vision,

is narrowed by the hate.

they so cheerfully speak of,

while we slowly burn ourselves,

thinking it’s the only way.