Year’s End

Another year comes to a close

and we are looking back 

on one many feel was not great

as soothsayers and pundits

are already making predictions

from the World Series to world politics

some dire, some wishful

yet, year after year we are surprised,

what we thought didn’t happen

that perfect job was not so perfect

the once solid marriage now dust

our illusions shattered in a moment 

the road we were so sure of

turned out to be the wrong path

leaving us rudderless 

as we seek to navigate life’s sea,

growing older does not mean wiser

new illusions take the place of the old

it won’t happen to me, we think

and yet, when it does we get angry

lashing out without purpose

without looking first at self,

these poems I write are my attempt

to look into the depths 

as I journey forward in life

it’s a moment of quiet

in a noisy, mechanical world

as I seek not a perfect life

but a life with meaning

filled with hope and love.