I look into her eyes

deep blue waters

where I drown

in a sea of passion


eternal, precious

living love

that breaks chains

our bodies touch

we rise on a wave

high into the heavens

touching eternity

where angels dwell

and our hearts sing

a sweet song

the song of a love

that never dies.

Simply Just Love You

I simply adore you,

the way you smile,

and your laugh

how you’ve made our home

a place of love,

the way you smell

like fresh spring flowers

after a warm April rain,

your soft body at night

when we cuddle in bed.

I simple adore you,

everything you are

and the gift of love

you share with me

and the life we have.

I simply, just love you

each and every day

Cup of Tea

She sits there quietly reading

the dog pressed against her leg

sleeps soundly secure.

I look over and smile

this is love in it’s purest

sitting in the quiet of the evening

no need for wordy conversation

we both know that our love

unseen in the air binds us

connecting us even in silence

she looks up gives me a smile

pats the dog as he shifts

I ask if she wants a cup of tea

as I stand to go to the kitchen

set the water to boil, get cups

teabags at the ready, sugar, milk

soon the kettle is screaming

as I pour preparing the tea.

As the tea steeps I smile

they have it all wrong I think

love need not be all action

all passionate kisses 

love is in these moments

in the cups of tea we share

in the quiet spaces of life.

Our Passion

It’s not supposed to be that way,

you get older, the flames die.

Just sit there on the porch,

stare off into the regrets,

count the minutes toward death.

It’s not that way,

passion burns deep,

a small spark, 

ignites with a breath.

We stare not at regrets,

or count those last minutes.

We embrace,

holding one another,

becoming one,

as if it were the first.

Giving life,

to each other,

as our bodies mingle,

in the late afternoon sun.