A Warm Spring Day in Winter

The warm sun shone on the trees

old Mr. Possum lying in the branches

as the woodpecker taps away

and squirrels dig up our crocus bulbs

to be replanted elsewhere.

In the bushes and branches birds chatter

carrying bits of grass and straw 

building nests preparing their homes.

I watch this miracle unfold

sitting out on a warm day

just listening to the sounds all around,

what some would say is a waste of time.

The joyfulness of life as trees begin to bud

and daffodils peak through the ground

searching for the suns golden rays.

That old possum begins to stir

maybe it’s the noise of the day

after all he is nocturnal 

and not much of a daytime animal.

So he stretches himself out

as he painstakingly begins to move

not rushing, like the birds or squirrels,

he takes his time, 

savoring the moment

as if he knows that this will not last long

that this unusual warm, winter day

will vanish with the cold north wind.

But for now his lesson is clear

a reminder to me to take my ease

to enjoy those moments of peace

not rushing from place to place

but just to sit and be at peace

letting the warm sun shine on my face

to linger over a cup of coffee

while gazing up at the blue sky