City Life

Yes, it’s noisy and infested
filled with dark, dingy abodes
streets littered with cast-offs
both inert and organic.

A place of despair for some
of light and delight for others
this is the city
crowded, unkempt, dangerous
a kaleidoscope of sound and color
overwhelming the innocent
enticing the adventurous
boring the dwellers within.

The city, bears it all
under the strains of the masses
that hurtle down its streets
walking through its alleys
with heads down
pushing against
tides of indifference.

The city takes,
the city gives
we are its children
and its future
we carry its fortunes
in our valises
sharing our dreams
waiting for the sun to rise
and for hearts to sing.


City Snow Day

The poem starts with gently falling snow

that blankets the world outside

and all is subdued and quiet

while in the house a cozy fire burns

and someone is looking out the window

to describe the fairy tale scene

then there’s the reality of the city

where the snow bottles up traffic 

people cursing stepping into slush

the snow plows going up and down 

their blades creating sparks on the streets

trying to keep ahead of the storm

while on the television reporters drone on

one out by the ocean

standing in the wind with sleet stinging 

giving us a live report of the devastation 

while inside the kids are ramped up

unable to burn off any energy

yes, it is beautiful but the next day its clean up

out in the cold, blustery day to move the snow

what was a wonderful, scenic calm day

now turns into a long day of recovery

followed by Ben-Gay and ibuprofen

so that one can return to work

and the kids can get back to school

while you look at the calendar

counting how many days until spring.