Christmas Always

What will Christmas be like

when it’s all said and done

and the church bells fall silent

as the world continues on

oblivious to the darkened doors

of was once the lighted Cathedral

now a shell holding only ghosts

memories of candles lit and music sung

lost in the noise of the streets.

What will Christmas be like

as we bury whats left of faith

along with the hopes and dreams

of souls in faded photographs

hanging on the cracked walls

of the emptiness that lingers.

What will Christmas be like?

The infant will be born

and hope will enter the world

and light will shine in broken hearts

love will endure and in the silence

we will hear the Word spoken to all

This Day

Once again the day has arrived

in the midst of the busyness

with all the bright lights

and the mind numbing mall music

this day arrives in the quiet

no fanfare, no great speeches

even the most boisterous are quieted

their voices muted, silenced

after all these years

I’m still awed by this day

the old stories heard

the singing of ancient carols

how in spite of all we do

that this day happens

and if we are silent

even for the briefest moment

we might hear that voice

that calls us each by name

as the veil is lifted 

and the Divine is revealed.

Last Minute

Last minute shoppers

rushing about

seeking that one bargain

to lay under a tree

trying to buy love

in the form of gold

all about is noise

distracting our hearts

from that love

which cannot be bought

a love so vulnerable

that it dared to be born

in the midst of lives

seeking to fill the hole

that lingers deep within

of those lost and forgotten