I Found a Poem

Iridescent waves

frothing over rocks

break upon the shore

wind singeing color

on our faces

the sky

a bright cadmium yellow

washing away

the miasmas

of the night

a beacon shines

a siren call to home


Write to Heal

Writing and poetry

are lifelines

as shades draw down

upon my inner thoughts

blood the ink

laying naked

hoping it will help

to heal the wounds

of a broken child

Birth of a Poem

Turn off the noise

settle back

listen to the quiet,

there it is,

that poem,

so long buried

one I’ve overlooked

now I write

not perfect,

it has lain dormant

buried deep

that I know

it is messy

but in this silence

sipping my coffee


burst forth

my fingers type

and this natal poem

takes it’s first



Red lips




Red Apple

Juices Flow

Blood Red Toenails

Peak out

From Sandals


As I kiss her

Her bite draws blood

Hand holds the red rose

Thorns pierce white flesh

Blood flows

A river of pain

No one to understand

Crushed under

Meaningless lust

Buried under the purple-red bruises

Red eyes filled with tears

The red sun sets

A fiery end