The “about”page needs to say something about me, who I am and why I write. Well, as you can see from my blog photo, I’m an Episcopal priest in a small New England city where most folks are Roman Catholic, with a smattering of Protestants, Evangelicals mixed in, along with our Jewish brothers and sisters and a growing Muslim population. Like many I serve in a declining parish and that alone tends to keep me up at night and so I’ve turned to poetry and creative writing to help sort out those deep feelings. Being Episcopalian, I sit somewhere between the Catholic and Protestant worlds, I’m not a so-called “Anglo-Catholic” as I tend toward a more Protestant view although lately it seems our denomination has been leaning toward a more High Church feel. That being said, I’ve retreated into poetry and truth be told, I’m a novice poet, not really knowing what I’m doing but just writing down the words that form on the darkened screen of my mind. Being an introvert I don’t tend to get into discussions online all that much but I do appreciate your comments and those who have decided to follow my meanderings. 

Eugene Peterson wrote; “Prayer and poetry are the closest of kin. In poetry we say it; in prayer we become what we say.”

My own poetry is prayer, a personal journey into the interior of my soul. It’s not always polished or great but then again, nothing that derives from the deep feelings we have are always so. 


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