The “about”page needs to say something about me, who I am and why I write. Well, as you can see from my blog photo, I’m an Episcopal priest in a small New England city where most folks are Roman Catholic, with a smattering of Protestants, Evangelicals mixed in, along with our Jewish brothers and sisters and a growing Muslim population. Like many I serve in a declining parish and that alone tends to keep me up at night and so I’ve turned to poetry and creative writing to help sort out those deep feelings. Being Episcopalian, I sit somewhere between the Catholic and Protestant worlds, I’m not a so-called “Anglo-Catholic” as I tend toward a more Protestant view although lately it seems our denomination has been leaning toward a more High Church feel. That being said, I’ve retreated into poetry and truth be told, I’m a novice poet, not really knowing what I’m doing but just writing down the words that form on the darkened screen of my mind. Being an introvert I don’t tend to get into discussions online all that much but I do appreciate your comments and those who have decided to follow my meanderings. 

Eugene Peterson wrote; “Prayer and poetry are the closest of kin. In poetry we say it; in prayer we become what we say.”

My own poetry is prayer, a personal journey into the interior of my soul. It’s not always polished or great but then again, nothing that derives from the deep feelings we have are always so. 

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  1. Padre. I was going to write about Vung Chua Mountain myself and was doing some research when I came across your blog. My title was going to be “Ghost Mountain and the Train to Nowhere.” I was an MP Lieutenant stationed in Qui Nhon from Oct ’70 to Jul ’71. I live in Plymouth, MA. Your writing was so Poignant and spot on that I’may going to be hard pressed now to develop my own piece. You tapped into my emotions and memory bank with your recall of your time in the ‘Nam. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

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