The city is quiet

merchants and hawkers

silent, shops shuttered

outside at the killing field

two bodies hang

scavengers picking

at their decaying flesh

as black clouds of flies

linger about dried blood

at the tombs

soldiers play at dice

while the cock crows

its sound echoing

down empty streets

while in a darkened room

they sit behind locked doors

waiting for the fateful knock.



(v) to travel in a purposeful manner towards a vague destination.

It just had to be,

this journey we’re on

I can’t say it was meant

to be this way

but faith is about

the roads we travel

even when it grows dark

and doubts creep in

as we wonder

where it will all lead

it’s never been clear

no roadmaps, no guides

only our feelings

that are more like mist

that is at once there

and then gone

leaving us feeling full

and yet empty

so now we say goodbye

each on their own journey

toward a new destiny

holding onto the memory

of what has been

dreaming of what will be

realizing that faith, hope and love

the greatest being love

a treasure held within

our own fragility

is what we share

as we travel forward

into the unknown.

Reflections at a Waterfall

I walk up to a waterfall near my home and there I sit, watching and listening as the waters cascade down over the rocks, splashing into a little stream. Sitting there I begin to pray, I’m standing on holy ground, in a place created by God, a small, yet serene cathedral. Invited to reflect on all that has passed in my life, the people and places that have shaped and molded my life much as these waters shape and mold the earth. I think of my dad, regrets of missed talks, of times when I just wanted to know more about him, having one more time to tell him how much I love him