I Can’t Title a Poem

It all starts with a title

yet, I suck at titles

I never really know where

these words I write will take me.

On a journey within

or across the vastness of the world.

Into the realm of fantasy

or the mundane life of reality.

Will I experience fear or hope

will I laugh or cry or mope.

Nevertheless, there’s that title

that all important piece

that captures the eye

and makes one want to read

the driveling’s of an old man

who only wants to write

not really caring about titles

but only about love and faith

and my journey in this life


One thought on “I Can’t Title a Poem

  1. This made me laugh (in a good way!) ^^ personally, I find the work, prose, verse, whatever, suggests the title, as it develops, or concludes. I usually leave titles until the end. I start with a word, idea or image and build on the that for the piece itself and once the “word flow” starts, everything else will eventually fall into place. It’s the Edits that cause me pain ^^

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