Interior Thoughts

Don’t make any noise

don’t yell or run

be quiet, be silent

they might hear you

and then it will be worse

for all of us,

don’t make a scene

hide in the corner

crawl into the deepest hole

don’t make eye contact

or reach out to anyone

hide within yourself

it’s safer there,

no one to love

no one to hurt

no one to touch

the pain you feel

is an illusion

of what will happen

when you reach out

your books are the escape

the stories your path

on a journey within

discovering what’s outside,

you cannot stay hidden

you cannot remain quiet

you need to write

you need to love

you need poetry

her warm flesh

and soft kisses

her sweet smile

on a darkened day

your body wants her

your soul desires her

you cannot hide away

only surrender to her

in the night watches

dreaming of perfect love.


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