The Year

I posted this one on Tumbler as I was able to actually write it in stanzas on that medium, rather than in my usual way on WordPress. Seems that copying and pasting from Apple Pages only lets me do it one way. As for myself, I’m still trying to get a hang of this poetry thing, trying to find the words that express what I see and feel. Being a novice, I know that I don’t write classic poetry but I feel that it’s better to at least try and write something, rather than hide in a darkened space allowing my creativity to fade away and die. Does this make any sense? Oh well, enjoy this latest as I continue on this journey of self discovery.

The year is slipping away

faster than ever before

or so it seems,

as I press on forward

into the featureless landscape

that lays out before my eyes.

I seek to find

in poetry and song

that muse 

instead I hear machines

crunching on the bones

of was once a dream.

Peace and love

we sang and danced

filled with hope

now a darkness pervades

truth is buried

under the dark soil

its funeral going unnoticed

as we carry our spades

to throw more detritus

of our failed lives onto the pyre.

Underneath our soles

the ground is moving

carrying us ever forward


Truth may be buried

yet death cannot hold

that which is light

as it slips between the cracks

breaking down barriers

seeking to divide.


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