I Write

I write today

I write every day

I write to delve into

the deep mystery

of my own existence

of why I am who I am

of uncovering the layers

built up over the years

taking off the masks

I’ve so carefully constructed

from pieces lost along the way.

I’m not one of the greats

my grammar is deficient

my word choice limited

the head and heart

separated by space and time

memory shared

truth told

to a lover

in poetry written

as we embrace in the evening.

I write the poems 

that flash across the screen

leaving breadcrumbs

for me to follow

where, I never know

yet, I write to understand.

In the darkness of the day

as truth is bent and shaped

molded around the soul

encased in the tomb

I write, to break the walls

to open my mind

to rise and see

the sun shining brightly

on the horizon

of my dreams.


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