My Talk with Presidents

Last night I had this dream

I was sitting in a room talking

with John Adams and Thomas Jefferson

our second and third Presidents

about what they did when they served.

Both were old men and like old men

they reminisced about the good old days

they still had differences but were genial

unlike what we see today.

In this dream I told President Adams

that I admired his courage

for standing firm against forces

that sought to drive the young nation

into war that could not be won

much less afforded given our condition.

Of course Jefferson, wasn’t so kind

for him the revolution was yet complete.

Yet, for all of their differences

politically and socially, they talked

about the issues, logically, calmly.

Maybe that’s what I miss today

reason over insanity, true dialogue

over shouted words and accusations.

Of course, this was only a dream

a fantasy that crept into my sleeping head

and like most dreams vanished with the light

and then I turned on the TV 

watching a nightmare come true

and wanting to go back to sleep.


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