There are those moments

when I tend to over think

trying too hard to be perfect

as I write out bits and pieces

that I believe is poetry.

I want to corral these words

make them change agents

of the human heart

only I find them lacking.

There is no snappy phrase

no memorable quote

needlepointed and hung

to enlighten darkened souls.

Just my poor words

dug up from the cellar 

where they have languished 

under a bed of broken dreams

gathering mold and mildew.

Now these words are shouting

seeking to be heard and seen

my souls deepest thoughts

awakening from the long sleep.

It’s not the time for perfection

that is an illusion, a fantasy at best

like unrequited love that’s lost

in the mists of the past.

I write my poetry in the moment

where past and future intersect

in the dream world of my heart

exposing my deepest fears

in the living of my life.


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