Blue October Sky

Sitting outside staring up into a cloudless blue sky

on a cool, October day watching as the sun sets

it’s light golden as it shines on the changing leaves

and the cool breeze blows gently through the boughs

swaying like the arms of one lost in the wilderness.

I wonder, as I look upon natures ever changing face

about those changes that come upon us each day

as we like those wind blown boughs

are swayed by the noise and the breath of dragons

who populate our screens and speak in angry voices.

Was the end like this for those monks on the holy isle

as they watched the ships approaching with steel and fire?

I have to think that endings are seldom abrupt and final

as we slowly edge our way to the chasm laid for us

one we have created in our blindness to each other.

What started as a small drop has become a flood

breaking down the levees of our souls, drowning our hearts

as we are washed away like so much debris

into the oceans vastness there to be tossed about.

My own introverted self seeks that peaceful place

where the machines are silent and only birds sing

to take a deep breath of the love that is in the air

as I sit here staring up into the blue October sky


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