Personal Lament

My God, my God

I cry out sitting here

amongst the pieces

of a broken ministry

seeking words of hope

in a time of hopelessness 

where joy has succumbed 

to the darkness of fear.

I stand as one of your

messengers with mute voice

railing against the tide

of human indifference

that rejects the Divine Word

that dwells in the depths 

of our creation desiring peace.

I am the Psalmist 

listening for your voice

in the noise that pollutes 

the very air that we breathe

watching as humanity 

slowly devours itself

smiling with every spoonful 

as they hack away 

unmindful that they to

are on the menu.


2 thoughts on “Personal Lament

  1. Just brillant.
    I was afraid to not be able to understand poetry. But your words are so powerful. They really touch me. Thank you for sharing them with us.

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