Mona Lisa Smile

She sits there reading

as I look at her face

even after all these years

its still holds that mystery

that captured my heart

in a black and white

with her long hair flowing

wearing dark rimmed glasses

and that Mona Lisa smile.

We have endured so much

together over the years

if our wrinkles could talk

let’s be glad that can’t.

We promised once 

to grow old together

when we were young

now that we’ve entered 

that stage, I still see youth.

Her Mona Lisa smile remains

and her eyes sparkle

as they did when we first met.

Love is funny like that

when it’s deep and tender

It doesn’t see wrinkles or gray

it doesn’t see the ravages of age

love this deep remembers

the loving embrace

on long cold winter nights

as we hold one another

in the darkness of our room.

We grow old together

as our love remains young

as she looks up at me

with that Mona Lisa smile.


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