Dayton Airport

It doesn’t seem that long ago

when we first met at Dayton airport

passing each other along the way

as you walked toward the plane

at the time when we could still do that

walk down and see planes

watching as families waited for loved ones

as children played in the aisles

with the sound of the jets whining

as they went to and fro, tarmac to terminal.

There I saw you for the first time

no longer a picture, I carried in my wallet

no longer a face I dreamed about

it was you, in the flesh, warm and tender

your long hair flowing behind as you rushed

by me caught in the current of people

out of the peripheral vision we saw each other

as we turned to face that person

that just moments before were only words

on letters that were passed over the miles

now we were standing their, nervous

the flicker of love nurtured in letters

began to spark as eyes met and hands touched

we spoke each others name

then walked out of the terminal

into a future that held our hearts.

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