Where do poems come from?

Where do poems come from?

I would really like to know.

I know that I don’t write classic poetry

it’s all a stream of consciousness 

that I see in my head and then write.

It’s not at all pretty or well thought out

I’ve been known to use too many commas

and my grammar kind of sucks.

Sometimes, writing what I see

in the confines of my imagination

where there are no rules

and no boundaries 

can be a bit messy and disorganized.

I can see classic purists of the art

cringing every time they read 

some of what I write and say.

Sometimes I get a few likes,

even get a few nice comments

from what I post on my blog.

It means that something worked

for them who have liked.

I guess that’s what poetry is

something that reaches into another

that touches their heart

and sees the truth within.


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