Note to Self on Writing

Note to self as I write,

do not be timid or afraid

you don’t need to be perfect

there is no perfection.

You don’t need that look,

the disheveled poet look,

hair neatly wind blown,

clothing in planned disarray.

Or like some wizened gnome,

that guards an empty garden.

Not every word will be perfect,

not every poem a masterpiece.

You’ve waited too long to write,

living life in the shadows.

So write, what’s on your heart,

write about fears and doubts.

write about love and sex,

write about faith that wavers,

write about searching,

for peace, hope, grace

even for that Holy Grail.

In the end it’s not about fame,

or hosting some poetry reading,

it’s simply about the words.

That one day, when your dust,

as your picture fades on the mantel,

maybe then a part will live,

and take root in another,

that will inspire one like you,

who was also too timid to begin.


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