Poets Meditation

I try to write poetry, 

as my daily meditation,

a time to look within,

to explore those places,

where dark and light mingle,

within the contours of the soul.

It’s never a perfect journey,

was never meant to be that.

To delve into self,

confronting the past,

pictures and portraits,

hidden in the vaults of the heart.

Down long dark corridors,

a living museum,

of faces and voices. 

Lost love, lost places,

echo in the deep valleys,

all seeking to be heard.

All is a storm,

raging across my mind,

flashes of light,

that briefly illuminate,

then all is dark once more.

Mere words seem impotent,

an egg against stone,

smashing themselves,

leaving only a greasy mark.

Yet, I write,

for within these words,

lie the truth of my being,

a mere traveler,

seeking the light,

that lies within.


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