Growing Old

We meant it when

we promised to,

grow old together, 

back when we were young,

where the path ahead,

was paved with dreams,

our own yellow brick road,

where we would travel,

hand in hand toward, 

the Emerald City of our future,

Time has passed,

our strong young bodies,

have given way to aging.

What once did not hurt,

now keeps us awake.

Hair, what’s left for one,

has turned gray,

wrinkles are the road map,

of where life has taken us,

yet, the path is still paved,

with dreams and visions,

where we still walk 

hand in hand,

down that yellow brick road,

even if the bricks have faded,

toward that distant Emerald City,

not so distant as it once was.

We may not get there together,

one of us will fall by the side,

that’s what it means,

to grow old together, 

knowing that one 

continues the journey,

begun on that promise,

to grow old, together.


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