For a Moment

For just a moment,

the briefest of moments,

to have lived,

in that time of poets.

To have sat at the feet,

of the greats, Keats, Byron, Shelley,

just to hear their voices,

to read their words,

to feel, the power,

of the poetic mind,

seeking to be heard.

Poetry of romance,

of the heartache,

the passion of love.

Seeing the bright colors,

of life fully lived,

spending unhurried time,

to let their words 

become one with my heart.

Opening my soul,

to the unseen beauty,

that is all around.

Breaking down,

walls of hate,

to open new vistas,

where Gods light shines.


2 thoughts on “For a Moment

  1. Your words resonate with truth! I love that you read it unhurriedly. I believe it’s important to take life slowly. This way one will see more things, and understand and feel more full of those things. Thank you for this read.


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