Change happens,


without warning. 

Caught in a whirlwind,

my mind gets lost,

as pieces of self,

fly off into the void.

From birth to death,

change hovers,

like a great bird of prey,

waiting for vulnerability,

when the hole,

is so deep,

I can no longer see stars.

looking back,

longing for that,

which was lost,

grasping into the dark,

realizing, it’s gone. 


for the missing pieces,

the parts of self,

left by the road,

giving up the dreams,

those little hopes,

of being more,

realizing I’m less.

Writing prose, poetry,

trying to recover,

a long lost dream,

while battling demons,

that grasp at ankles,

dragging me down.

I gather up,

the missing pieces,

trying to solve the puzzle,

a maze of feelings,

in the dense fog,

of the distant past.

Words not said,

hands not held,

love not given.

Change happens,

in the moment,

when true love,

heals the wounds,

and I move forward,

out of the dark.


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