Fears Chains

I don’t want to live in fear,

as I lock my door tight,

against the seen and unseen.

Of ghosts that float within the seams,

of this world and the next.

Haunting the living,

as they whisper falsehoods,

while we tread down foggy streets.

Heads bowed,

from carrying the heavy load,

of chains we have created,

along the way of lives not lived.

“Fear not” an angel once said,

so easier then, we think today.

Yet, it’s never been easy,

not to fear or to lock those doors.

It sometimes feels that fear,

is our true lover.

laying with us in the dark,

sleeping in our bed,

caressing our sin stained souls.

As we smile, justified,

in keeping our distance,

from Gods words of peace.


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