Pirate Poetry

They were pirates,

on the airwaves

blasting out,

defying the world,

lifting all with music

not stopping.

Hidden from view,

as they moved,

spreading the message,

to a starving people.

That was long ago,

in a different age.

Where are they?

The new pirates,

the ones willing,

to challenge,

to push the boundaries,

to feed hungry souls.

Where are those,

voices filling the air,

screaming justice,

the prophets,

who dare to stand,

on the corners,

yell, their poetry,

into the very atmosphere.

Poets, writers, 

using words,

words of faith,

words of spirit, 

words that open hearts.

We need to write,

daring to be pirates.

Unafraid as we write,

conscious of the calling,

willing to be thorns,

in the flesh,

of society grown fat.

Those pirates,

played the music,

that freed closed minds,

Poetry pirates,

writers of words,

seek to free, those enslaved,

to the forces, of conformity,

opening all,

to the color, and wonder 

lying just outside,

concrete and glass.


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