My First Rough Draft

This is the start of a very, rough draft on an idea for a possible novel. Still working out the shape of what is to come. What I’m posting is the first paragraph, so far I have almost 1000 words, in my original work, that I thought would be a bit much to post. At least it’s a start! 

The phone rang, awaking her from a dream, or was the ringing phone a part of the dream? Her mind was not quite awake as she reached out, saw the time, 2:00 AM, in bright orange. The phone continued to ring, “who has the nerve to be calling me at this fucking hour?” 

Reaching over she angrily yelled, 


“Hi, Lilly”, the familiar voice on the other end, “it’s dad, sorry to wake you, but I have something you need to know. Your grandpa has died.” 

She sucked in her breath,

“Gramps, dead?”

Even after saying the words they didn’t seem to register. Sitting up in bed she reached for the light on the nightstand. The sharp white light causing her eyes to squint in the harshness. 

“What, how?” 

 She couldn’t get the words out. Looking up at her wall there he was, smiling down at her, holding on to gramma. It was hard to believe?

“You know how he was,” Her dad on the other end, “went out that morning for his bike ride, came home went upstairs to write. When gramma went to check on him, he was just sitting there, eyes closed, with the most peaceful look.” 


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