Summer Musings

Midsummer days bring a laziness,

laying in the still warm air listening,

to the sounds of life around.

The buzz of bees in the flowers

people going to and fro. 

The birds gliding on invisible currents,

while I remain rooted below.

A soft gentle breeze, cools,

the clouds shift in the blue sky,

visions of shapes and figures,

a mother holding her child.

In those clouds I see life,

ever changing, always moving,

going from birth to death,

twisted and driven by the winds. 

My own hopes and dreams,

born on the wings of the spirit,

my words gently guiding, 

drawing me closer into,

a deeper communion.

My soul seeking that place,

where love is in the air,

ever present, unafraid,

listening to the voice of grace.


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