Midsummer Dreaming

July brings its own kind of heat,

as midsummer slowly creeps along,

lazily meandering through life,

while we seek the comfort of shade,

a moments respite, a time of reflection. 

as the sun, treks across a sky, 

achingly blue.

High up in wispy clouds, 

swallows flicker about,

darting to and fro,

while I sit and read,

trying not to fall asleep.

Yet, in the warmth,

eyes grow heavy,

as dreams of love,

play out in the mind.

Letting go of the pains,

that intrude, watching, 

as the birds fly about,

and bees buzz along,

from flower to flower,

being fed by the abundance 

that graces the world.

A love that embraces the wounds,

of our brokenness, healing hearts. 


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