The Nightmare

Each night, it’s the same dream,

each night, the dream becomes,

a nightmare and I can’t wake up.

It’s the same, the dark, rolling cloud,

the sense of running through,

misty forests, lined with tall trees,

their branches reaching out,

fleshless, bones seeking to snare.

My heart is racing, my legs are cement,

I scream but no sound comes out.

Slowly, I feel that I’m going deeper,

further into the darkness,

pulled by the unknown into the chasm.

All of my fears exposed in a moment,

the travesty that has been my life,

now on the scales being measured.

My heart on the scale weighed,

against the feather of truth, Anubis grins,

my folly is complete, and my heart fails.

In this pit, where hopelessness reigns,

I struggle against the bonds that hold me,

My arms begin to move, my legs are free,

and I’m clawing my way toward the light.

In a sudden rush, I’m out, awake,

heart racing, hands trembling, mind awash in fear.

It’s early morning, the gray light of dawn,

begins to brighten the room,

soon shapes change from dullness, 

into vivid color, my life anew for, 

another day, a day to redeem,

a day to awaken the hope within.

The heart weighed has been found,

wanting, the heart loved is found needing.

Grace, by any other name,

pushes against the dark, it weighs no heart,

it lifts my soul into the light,

and Anubis loses another.


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