Dark clouds on the horizon,

a misty rain in the air,

lends to the heaviness of today.

Words of anger fill the air,

gunshots ring out, lives are lost.

There are no answers,

there are no quick solutions,

no superheroes to save the day.

We can only look at ourselves,

what we say, what we don’t say.

A child tonight weeps for a parent,

a mother weeps for her child,

as flags fly again half staff.

It’s not supposed to be this way,

it’s not supposed to be so hard,

this love thing, this gift of God.

The dark clouds soon part,

giving way to bright sunshine.

Laughter will again fill the air,

as children play once again.

Do we dare to love? 

Do we dare to dream? 

Do we dare to be human? 


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