Fourth of July

 Awoke early this morning with the sun just breaking over the horizon, the air cool with just a whisper of a breeze. I hear the familiar snapping sound as I click into the pedals of my bike and head out down my street. It is so quiet on this morning, hardly a car passes by me as I thread my way out onto roads I’ve ridden so many times. This is an introverts dream, a quiet ride with just one’s thoughts for company, no small talk, or noisy, gossipy people, just me and nature as I cycle along.  

On a bike I get to see things that are easily missed by those flying by in a car. I watch as birds fly through the branches of trees, the trees themselves a deep green, the sunlight filtering through, its rays reaching the ground like fingers of light. Smaller creatures scurry across the roads, little chipmunks seem to fly inches off the ground as they run by, their little tails standing upright. Squirrels, jumping from branches, chasing one another looking more like toddlers out in the playground playing tag. I even see the occasional deer, calmly walking along the side of the road, no worries of hunters yet on its mind. A small red fox comes flying out of the undergrowth, a freshly caught rabbit in its mouth, off, no doubt, to feed his growing clan. 

 Yes, it is the Fourth of July and later streets will be lined with spectators watching parades while in the backyards grills will be going as hot dogs as and burgers are cooked. Kids running around, laughing, swinging their arms in huge arcs while holding sparklers under the watchful eye of their parents. They create their own patterns, glowing, sparkling circles as they chase one another. Yet, right now, in this early morning, I’m alone. I do not feel lonely, in fact I feel more connected to the mystery that surrounds my life. This is my worship time, where my heart is opened and my prayers come easily. I am in communion with all that I see and feel. In this moment, I don’t feel that ache in my damaged hip, the hilly climbs do challenge but are not insurmountable, the bike and I are one machine, moving together ever forward.

 It is how I have taken life since being hit last year, moving forward rather than being mired in past events that seek to drag me under. I have all that I need, my deep and abiding faith in Gods grace as well as a lover who shares my life, who has stood by me through these difficult months. As I look at her, I feel complete, we are truly one flesh, one body in heart, mind and spirit. These are my thoughts as I ride, as I watch the sun climb up into the bright, cloudless, blue sky, as I feel myself getting stronger each day, heading back home to loves embrace.


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