Summer Love

A warm summer evening,

he lay there holding her close, 

the softness of her skin as he caressed her. 

His fingers trembling moving slowly, 

his heart racing his own passion growing. 

She touches his face, 

her lips soft and warm as they meet his, 

tongues lightly touching, 

there is no need to rush, 

time has no meaning, 

only living in the moment, 

the here and now. 

Soft breezes wafting over them

she shivers slightly,

her body reacting to the touch of fingers, lips and cooling air. 

Tears show on her face, 

love overwhelming every part of her person 

as she holds him close, 

feeling his every move, 

her own hands lightly touching him. 

He never knew love like this, 

he never knew passion or desire, 

and now he wanted to stay, 

to lay there on this perfect evening, 

to hold her, touch her, breath in her fragrance. 

The two will become one, 

the heart and soul,

melding in the evening light.


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