Pain, I’ve been giving this word,

a lot of attention lately. 

Pain, the sheer physical pain 

that dogs me everyday, 

from when I wake up 

until I go back to bed that evening, 

it is my constant, unforgiving companion. 

The pain in my hip, healing from the fracture, 

pain in my shoulders and knees, 

a reminder that aging does have its consequences. 

This physical pain can stop me, 

it would be easy just to not move, 

to stay in bed or sit around all day, 

but not to move means that the pain wins. 

Yet, there is the emotional pain,

that pain deep within the soul,

the pain that creeps up in those,

moments of peace, that grab onto,

the soul like thorns of a rose bush.

How much more can one take,

how much more can one endure,

yet, life without pain, is life without spirit.

Pain, teaches as well as gives,

it seeks to guide, while opening us to

the mystery all around us.

Without pain we are less

than what God has called us to be,

without pain, we live in isolation,

without pain, we become indifferent,

without pain, we never know love.

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