Summer Solstice

The sun rises high 

into the deep, blue sky, 

the yellow orb hovering 

pouring out its light. 

Summer has arrived, 

the trees are lush and full, 

birds fly from the branches, 

in the tall grass, rabbits gather, 

mouths busily munching on green shoots. 

It’s that time when we shed 

clothing as a snake sheds skin,

exposing ourselves to rays of light.

The days grow long, 

an older couple sit out on the porch 

watching as the sun slowly travels 

a reflection of their long life together. 

The journey they started so long ago 

having reached its zenith, 

now begins to settle into the twilight, 

as they hold hands. 

Loves journey, rising like the summer sun, 

giving light and life  

to a dark and cold world.


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