My Prayer

The early morning sun shines through the window,

I lay there listening to the morning noises,

wondering what this day will bring.

At times I cringe, thinking of what horrors we face.

Humanity’s flaws on display,

a daily litany of broken bodies and souls.

I look at the trees, foliage lush and green,

the flowers, colorful and bright, 

why can’t we see the Holy in these sights,

why do we close our eyes to loves joys?

My heart feels heavy within the walls of my being.

I pray, for open eyes to see,

open ears to hear,

open heart to feel.

Dear Lord, I pray,

break down the barriers I created,

so that I may become,

your instrument of peace,

a healer of the broken,

a lover of tortured souls.

For I am also one in need,

of your life giving Spirit.


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