My poor attempt at trying to make sense of the senseless. Others have written about Orlando much more eloquently than I could ever do, but like many, I to seek a way to express my feelings. As always, I reach out to God, not to come in like a fairy godmother who magically erases all of our anger, but to change my heart to see in this nightmare a glimpse of God’s love. 

It happened again,

people enjoying life,

embracing one another,

dancing and singing.

Suddenly, the world turned,

a darkness overshadowed,

the joy they shared.

We are now once again,

looking to blame rather than,

seeking a place to mourn.

The blood of the innocent,

cry out for justice not vengeance.

Yet, there are the living who,

remain deaf to those cries.

My own heart breaks,

as I look out on so few,

who really desire to be,

present to God, whom they

easily blame, turning their

backs when busyness,

overtakes their lives.

The dark shadows stretch

out over the hearts of many,

yet each day brings with it,

the promise that we will

one day wake up from our

self created nightmare,

discovering that all along

peace and paradise have always,

been there, a glimmer of hope

on the horizon of our souls. 


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