Six Word Stories

 What can one say using just six words? This is something that I have been doing for awhile, writing just six word stories. “In the dark, they reached out,” six words that convey the need for one another especially when darkness descends, reaching out to touch and know love. To describe a scene, an emotion in six words, for me, takes time as I allow the words to float within my mind. Arranging them just right, hoping that in some small measure that they make sense when read by others. These six word stories also help me to focus on the use of words. Words are powerful and there are times when too many words can overwhelm the senses. When that happens we shut down and the words find a barrier too huge to get through. Yet, if we choose our words economically, testing them in our own thoughts by using them judiciously, then the thoughts and ideas get through. This is especially true in this time and age where the average attention span seems to be getting less and less.

Describing how I feel in just six words has given me a new platform to explore my deepest self. In six simple words I delve into the darkest depths and at times come up with a treasure that I never knew existed. “Her kisses, lingered on his lips,” that soft touch of two people as they depart for the day, or maybe for a lifetime. Remembrances of old loves, lost lives, of another time and place, in just six words. “Grace, that moment of knowing love,” it comes to me in patches, sometimes the words just form themselves at other times I need to puzzle them out. 

In a way maybe that is grace in action, helping me to cut through the clutter that is all around, to see in the mess, the joy of life. Six words, to describe inner feelings, six words to enter into a new place, another chamber as I dig through the layers of my life. It’s a challenge to write using only six words but what I have found is a new freedom to be expressive as well as creative. 

 “His hand touched her soft skin,” a poem of love, of connecting to another through the simple act of touch. Lips meeting, bodies holding, love in all of its boundless glory reaching out in faith to embrace the goodness of life. For me, the wholeness of my humanity is found in all that I love and hold dear. In six words my love is opened up for all to see, in six words I feel the depths of my own failures and fears, yet I also feel the yearning to live in the sunlight of Gods love. 

 Six simple words, sometimes that’s all it takes to build bridges, to create new connections, to find deeper meaning. Six words to convey our deepest feelings, our greatest joys and our need for each other. 


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