It is quiet right now as I sit here. 

Rain has been falling and 

there is the occasional rumble of thunder. 

As the rain waters the parched earth, 

in this moment of quiet the Spirit 

quenches my parched soul. 

It is time to slow down, 

to be silent, 

to listen to the beat of my heart, 

the steady rhythm of life. 

Sometimes I feel like water 

rushing over the flooded plain, 

always on the move, 

looking for that path of least resistance 

in doing so failing to see 

the wonder and beauty all around. 

In the colors of spring, 

in the sounds of the birds, 

in the laughter of a child, 

all is wonder and a moment 

to connect to the deeper mysteries. 

As the rain comes down 

two birds gather food for the nest, 

they are neither rushed or disturbed, 

as they quietly go along.


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