Blue Egg

On my morning walk heading to preach and 

celebrate Gods graciousness I see a small

blue robins egg lying broken on the hard

pavement. I wonder about the tiny life that

once inhabited that egg, was it now in the

nest, it’s neck stretched out seeking its 

mother’s offerings, growing each day.

Will this tiny creature one day test its wings

take off from the nest to fly up into the sky,

to float on the warm spring breezes, to one 

day itself create its own nest, a haven for other

small blue eggs. I wonder this as I seek haven

for my prayers, that they may grow and one

day take flight, carried on the soft breeze of

the Spirit to grow in the darkened places of

my heart. The hardness of the world can break

the fragile eggs of our hearts desires, for peace,

for love, for gentle touch that warms the soul.

Grace upon grace, Gods gentle touch, softens

the hardness as I take flight on warm spring breezes


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