New Gnostic Copier

 We, and here I mean Trinity Parish, have a brand new copy machine. Now I’m sure many of you reading this wouldn’t think that this was a big deal, but hey, we’re talking about the church here, an organization that moves at the speed of tradition. After all it’s only 2016, so let’s not get too crazy with all of this high tech stuff, we’ve done well with the original Gutenberg press all these years, so why change now?  Well, really it’s not that bad. We’ve had several copy machines, an actual computer, even a phone with voice mail, what is really interesting is that the new copy machine has this wondrous, state of the art, hard drive. This hard drive is hard core, impenetrable, like an iPhone it requires a specially trained hacker to open up its darkest secrets. I thought this was so fitting to have, our very own Gnostic hard drive, it alone holds the secret handshake, the Gospel According to Mr. Herrick, and the map to the Mason’s secret stash of ancient treasures. Every Episcopal Church, needs to have one of these, imagine the possibilities. We could share our plans for worldwide domination, plot the takeover of other denominations and not just the ELCA. Soon, everyone will have a Book of Common Prayer firmly embedded in their Windows program, it may take awhile before we’re able to crack that pesky iPhone code, but soon that too will crumble before our technical genius.

 Okay, I’m getting just a bit ahead of myself here. First I have to figure out how to turn this thing on, and make at least one copy before it blows up, or at the very least has a paper jam. Then again, maybe instead of focusing on the latest technical marvel we need to get back to what we are all about, living the Gospel according to Christ. Loving our neighbor, helping those who struggle, lifting up the marginalized. With so much talk lately that has most of us shaking our heads and wondering what’s next, maybe it’s time to put down that iPhone, get off Twitter and Facebook and actually look at the world. Smile at someone, pull out that odd quarter and give it to the person holding out their cup, help the older person cross the street, in other words, be a bit more human. There are those movies of a future world taken over by machines, well just walk down any street and you’ll see how true that has become, with faces staring at tiny screens holding us in thrall to the 24 hour news cycle. It doesn’t take some kind of special, Gnostic knowledge to see that a little humanity goes a long way, and that a warm touch and a kind word will help to heal our deepest wounds. Maybe that’s what this world needs, now more than ever. 

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