Dream Night

 Woke up this morning with a series of dreams still floating around in my head. Now, normally I wouldn’t even think about writing down my dreams, some are quite weird even for me, but this group is banging on the gates seeking an audience.  Let’s start with a few facts, first I’ve been a bit frustrated by the lack of improvement with my hip. It seems that I have reached a plateau and my initial progress has been blunted. Yesterday I went to see my surgeon and he has prescribed another round of physical therapy, now I’m waiting to see where that will take me. Secondly, I’ve been battling a brutal cold, in fact this is the worst cold I’ve had in years so that means taking cold medicine to at least calm down the coughing fits so I can sleep. All this, plus the start of a new year, with the upcoming parish annual meeting and a early start to the Lenten season, well, let’s just say I have a lot on my mind. So here is what flowed through my sleeping brain last evening. A disclaimer, dreams are images that float along the periphery of the mind, they are not full pictures but more like a cubist painting, you see clearly one moment followed by confusion the next. So with that being said, here goes, dream one, the trunk. 

 I’m sitting in the back seat of a car, Jane is in the front while I work on removing letters from the back window from inside the car. The letters have no message but then I hear some banging coming from the rear of the car. The banging grows in intensity, so I tell Jane that “there’s someone in the trunk”, no answer, so I say again, “that there’s someone in the trunk”, still no answer, frustratingly I yell to her that “there’s someone in the trunk”. Then with a flash, Jane and I are above a parking lot, below there is a car with two people making out. His hands are all over a girl, and she responds erotically, but my mind is focused on the faucets of the sink, we seem to be in a bathroom. The hot and cold water faucets turn in the same direction, to the left, and both have to be on to get water. Try as I might, I can’t seem to get water warm enough for a shower or cold enough for a drink. Flash now the the third and final part of this trilogy, I’m watching some kind of stage event, on this stage we have, wait for it, Peyton Manning, his brother Eli and several others in suits. Peyton, recently linked to performance enhancing drug use, is standing there admitting to using HGH. Eli is yelling at him, the suits are grinning like Cheshire Cats, and I’m wondering what the heck I’m doing here.

 Then, I wake up to the sound of the alarm clock with these images now bouncing around in my head like bb’s on a gym floor so my only option is to write. Who is in the trunk? Why are the faucets so messed up and what was that about Peyton Manning? The trunk imagery could be my own thoughts trying to break out and get exposed, those memories of people and friends I’ve lost touch with these past years. The faucets maybe represent my own frustrations, as I try to seek the path I am being challenged to take, neither hot or cold. Is Yoda speaking to me?More likely, these dreams are my own self consciousness rearing up its ugly little head and trying to get my attention. The thing is I have no clue as to what that all means, but I figure, if anything it gives me some fodder for writing and maybe that’s all I need right now.

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