My Focus

 Recently I decided to change the sub-title of my blog to say, “musings and reflections of an ordinary life.” Now before anyone gets their knickers in a twist, there is absolutely nothing wrong with ordinary. It is after all in the daily living, in the most ordinary of times that we can experience extraordinary growth. My thought on this change was to reflect, that much of what I have seen and done comes from my interaction with people from all walks and stations of life. When I read a review of someone’s memoirs or autobiography I notice that there’s always that great “Damascus road” kind of event that changed their life. Anything from having to deal with alcoholic or abusive parents, rising out of the sewer of abject poverty, or being an unsung hero in an impossible situation. Now I’m not saying these remembrances are not important, they are and all of us can learn something about overcoming adversity. What I am saying is that most of us live the best we can with what has been given to us. Of course there are those grand, global events way outside of our control that can and do affect us, but in many cases, if we are honest, we realize that we have been the agents of our own anxiety. For me, it has certainly been an interesting year. Being hit by a car door then going through surgery followed by months of rehabilitation. This time has brought into focus how important it is to be anchored by love and faith. These past months I have been more reflective, as witnessed in my weak attempts at writing. The fact is that most of my life Has been lived the interior, my imagination (called daydreaming when I was a kid) taking me on journeys that are both magical and scary. Now, I feel is the time for me to break out of this interior world and put it out there in this blog. For those who are expecting fine, articulate and deep writing, well you may not find it here. I’m no wonder blogger like some of the more popular ones out there whether they be secular or religious. I’m just throwing out my observations, my own somewhat distorted take on the world about me and seeing where it goes from here. 

 Author, Anne Lamott speaks about that “shitty” first draft, well that probably best describes some of what I write here, it’s my “shitty” first draft. Anything I write here is grist for the mill, something I can go back to, re-read and maybe expand on as each draft becomes clearer, at least in my own mind. Now I’m off again, looking around and listening, to see which direction my ordinary life will take me. 

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