In one of my blog posts I wrote about remembering the first time I heard the album, Jesus Christ Superstar. Someone was surprised that I could remember in such detail especially since it happened well over 40 years ago. It got me thinking about memory and the things we do remember and the things we would rather forget. Memory is such a fickle human function, there are times we remember something pleasant, like a first kiss, or seeing your first child after they were born, that first blush of a new love, all of these memories bring a sense of comfort and wellbeing. Then, out of the blue, when we least expect it, a memory sneaks through the backdoor of our minds that is not so pleasant. It’s a memory we would rather not look back on, a mistake we made, a love turned sour, or something we did that caused someone great pain. Most of these memories hurt because many of them are reminders that we are not invincible and as perfect as we try to make ourselves look. Our vulnerabilities are exposed, weaknesses are highlighted and we are faced with a side of us we had hoped had been buried deep away.


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