Another Milestone

Today is one of those milestone days in the wake of my accident and recovery. On this, the 133rd day I have been officially discharged from my physical therapy sessions. What this really means is that the PT folks have done all they can do and now it falls upon me to continue to work on getting my hip back to its pre-accident condition. Of course that means doing the daily routine of exercises designated to target the injured hip and get back to cycling. I also have to remind myself to rest and not overdue things as I continue to move toward recovery.
Of course, that’s the hardest part of this recovery thing, taking time to rest, not to push things beyond my limits. It’s definitely something that is not easy for me but if I really think about it, in the long run, it’s the right thing to do. Yet, as logical and great that all sounds, I’m still itching to get back into that daily pattern of cycling, whether it’s outside or indoors. It’s like a drug, the feeling I get from being outside, breathing in the fresh air enjoying the sights and sounds one can only experience while cycling. The sports gurus call this the rush of endorphins and other pleasure making hormones that cause this, I just say it’s the freedom I get while cycling. Out there, on the road with the wind in my face and the pavement beneath my wheels, I am on my own able to work out the the Gordian knots that populate my mind. Now that colder weather is in the forecast and snow begins to show itself on the Doppler radar, in the higher elevations, it does become a bit easier to take a rest day or two. It does kind of suck, but I have to consider the bigger picture rather than just a small slice of life. So for now, it’s riding three to four times a week, rest every other day, do my PT and by the time the crocus poke their little heads out of the ground I will be back to where I was before that fateful day.


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