Day 120.

 Today marks the 120th day since my accident. It has been a long road and there are still many miles ahead but progress is being made. After a summer of being laid up, learning how to get around first on crutches then a cane to finally being able to walk without assistance, I am now looking forward. Yet, in spite of the progress made I am still struggling with the fact that prior to June 5, I was in pretty good shape for a 63 year old man. The accident proved that I am indeed mortal and even as careful as I try to be stuff still happens. Since that day I developed a case of vertigo, and some kind of fungal infection on my elbow both of which have been cleared up with prescribed drugs. I’m definitely one who does not like taking anything, even now beginning to wean myself off of the Tylenol every six hours, to maybe once or twice a day. Yet, I’m still not where I want to be, and the deeper question, will I ever get back?  Not all is dark and bleak, although a couple of pieces I have written for my writing class are just that, to possibly be shared in later posts. A couple of weeks ago I started back at spinning classes and so far have done five of them. I was a bit nervous about standing up on the pedals, would the hip hold up and I’m happy to say that it did. Still, the 45-50 minute class does challenge my leg strength as well as my overall cycling health. The good news is even with the extended lay off, I don’t feel like I have to huge a mountain to climb, but just a lot of small hills. 

 My physical therapist also continues to challenge me with new exercises that force me to put pressure on the injured hip. The more I stress the hip the closer I get to fully healing the fracture. It’s always a blast going to therapy confident that I’ve mastered the last set of exercises only to be given a new set that shows me how far I still have to go, yeah. Yesterday I went out to purchase one of those exercise balls so that I can lay on the floor, put my legs up on this ball then raise my hips. The idea is not to let the ball roll around while my legs are up on it, which in turn places stress on my hip. Yes, it is excruciating but I am determined to have this one mastered before my next session. 

 Next week is the long Columbus Day weekend and it is my target weekend for actually getting on the road again. My bike, or I should say, bikes are in the shop. Parts from one being transferred to the other, the drivetrain is being upgraded and cleaned all being made ready for my first ride since June 5. Sure, I’m a bit nervous, who wouldn’t be, but to not get back out there would be allowing those demons to win out and that really isn’t an option. So forward I move, because really there is no other option, at least as I see it right now.


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