First writing class

 Last Tuesday, I started a writing class at Grub Street in Boston. Called, Jumpstart Your Writing, it is a course designed to help get the creative juices flowing, helping students to cut out of their busy lives the space necessary to write. Our instructor asked the question, what can we live without in order to make space for writing? In order to write you need a place, a time, a discipline of writing without that, then writing won’t happen. Like anything we do in our lives if it is important then we will be intentional in doing what is required to get it done. Simple, not really, at least not for me. I procrastinate, I over process my thoughts and the one huge thing is my own fears. Jumping into the deep end is not something I do with the emotional self, so for me to take this course and then release my thoughts out into the open for all to see and read scares the shit out of me. Of course as I’m reading what I have just written I realize that once again I am procrastinating just a bit. What I wrote in the first paragraph happened a day or two ago then I stopped to think about where this piece was going to take me. Where it took me is still a mystery to me but now I’m back writing something. One of the things about this class is the various folks who are taking it, from the more polished writers, to some who have more than just dabbled in the creative process right down to me, a basic newbie trying to find his own style. I kind of consider myself the Charlie Brown of this group, not quite seeing what others see but being determined to do well in spite of oneself. 

 So I’m looking forward to the next few weeks and seeing where it will take me. Apparently there is some kind of reading thing that they do at Grub Street at the end of these classes where you get to read one of your creations and let others hear as well as critique your work. Yes, just the very thought is making my heart race and my palms sweat but then again, like anything that’s worth doing, it might just be the best thing I can do as I continue on this new venture. 

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